Guests on holiday are self catering. The capacity is 18- 20 adults and small children by
appointment. You will find some information about practical things underneath.
This group visit Batalden Havbu every year, also in 2014.                  A song contest on the "Museumsloft"
FAMILY, FRIENDS AND PERSONELL GROUPS. Many of the guests come to Batalden to enjoy life
together with family and friends like the group on the picture  just arrived. Here they have a
special and comfortable frame. This group has visited Batalden Havbu through more than 15 years.
Perhaps you want to combine a stay here with celebrating a birthday, a jubilee or a wedding.
You can have the meal delivered catering  from Florø.  
 The houses have the necesseties for enjoying the stay. You will have ready made beds and towels.
 Take a look at the different buildings in the menu.
 Cleaning is included. 

 OUT ON THE SEA? Batalden Havbu is not equipped for fishing tourism. But rowboats are at
 your disposal, and you can hire a motor (5- 10 Hp). Crab nets are free to use.
 GROCERIES ?  We recommend you to buy your groceries etc. in "Batalden Landhandel", the local 
 shop on the nabouring island Fanøy, tlf 47 57 74 25 55/fax,              



Batalden Havbu
Contact person: Gunhild Bjelland
Address: N-6917  Batalden
Phone: +47 57 74 54 22
Mobile: +47

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